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Opening 1st October

Derma Reading is a brand new, state-of-the-art dermatology clinic offering the most advanced and effective dermatological techniques and treatments for every different kind of skin condition, as well as the gold standard in innovative preventative care and maintenance therapies. 

If you are concerned about any aspect of your skin or are just looking for expert advice on how to keep your skin healthy at any age, Derma Reading can help.

Unlike other skin clinics in and around Reading, the care offered at Derma is led by dermatologists.  After qualifying as doctors, dermatologists undergo at least five years of specialist training in skin, hair and nails, so there is no expert better placed to analyse and treat all aspects of your skin. 

Whilst you can find more information about some of the more common skin complaints we treat on our website, dermatologists also see and treat many rarer conditions. Even if you have previously sought out medical treatment for a skin condition, Derma’s experts are often able to provide treatment options beyond the scope of those available through the GP.

Patients seeking private medical appointments can either come directly to us or obtain a referral from the GP. A GP referral is normally required if you are insured. 

Derma Reading also offers the very latest and top-of-the-line aesthetic treatments in a spacious and comfortable clinical environment, where you can be sure of your safety and your practitioner’s expertise and qualifications.

Derma Reading is located on Shepherds Hill, to the east of Reading, so is easy to get to whether you’re driving or using public transport. There is plenty of parking right outside the door.  

To stay informed about new treatments and receive helpful advice in caring for your skin, please enter your details below, and to find out more about the clinic or to schedule an appointment, either email us or book online.

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