Helen Perfect - Dermatology Nurse

Helen qualified as a registered nurse in 1977 and started working in Dermatology immediately, intending to only work there for three months!

Helen worked on a dermatology ward in High Wycombe hospital that was just for patients with dermatological conditions. In the late 1990s, the ward (and Helen) relocated to Amersham Hospital where a purpose-built Dermatology ward and outpatient’s department was built.

In 2003, Helen then started working in Dermatology in main outpatients at Watford General Hospitals, where again a new Dermatology outpatients department was built. In 2016, Helen semi-retired and worked two days a week, then also started working two days a week in Dermatology outpatients at Milton Keynes University Hospital. In June 2021, Helen started working in Derma Reading, bringing her significant dermatology expertise to benefit patients in Reading.

When Helen is not working she likes to meet her family and friends, walk her dog and travel the waterways on her narrowboat.

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