Our Policies

Confidentiality Policy

The purpose of our Confidential Policy is to ensure that everyone understand's Derma's requirements in relation to the disclosure of personal data and confidential information

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Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Policy details how we collect, store, protect, and utilise personal data provided by our patients.

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Privacy Notice for Children

At Derma we provide children with the same information about what we do with their personal data as we do adults.  

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Privacy & Decency Policy

Our privacy and decency policy ensures that any language difficulties are identified and appropriate interpreting and/or translating services are made available as necessary.  

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Equal Opportunities And Diversity Policy

Our Equality and Diversity Policy explains how we will avoid discriminating against people, and how you we aim to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere for our staff members and patients.

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Complaints Policy

The purpose of our complaints policy is to ensure that all complaints are dealt with promptly, consistently and are handled with courtesy and fairness.  As a result of a complaint, we will aim to rectify the issue and improve our service 

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