History & Mission

"By 2017, I had already established an exceptional reputation as a dermatologist, and been working in the private sector for eight years. However, due to demand for my expertise, my patients were facing significant wait times, often as long as six weeks, for appointments."

My commitment to my patients made me reflect that patients – many whose skin concerns were leaving them desperate for dermatology expertise – should not have to wait to receive the specialist help they needed. With limited scope for expansion of services at the private hospitals I was working from, I realised I needed to look for somewhere where I could develop a bespoke system and approach to the treatment of skin.

There were several areas where I felt I could offer more through a bespoke dermatology clinic:

  • Offering the full range of services that my patients needed and wanted at times to suit;
  • Attracting the very best specialists from around the region, covering all aspects of dermatology and skin surgery;
  • Having experienced dermatology-trained nurses available to assist all dermatologists; and
  • Being able to invest in new and innovative treatments not otherwise available in Reading.

I conceptualised a clinic where patients could receive a full range services, always delivered by experts, for everything related to the skin, hair and nails, for example;

  • Offering all skin specialisms under one roof, enabling patients to consult with the appropriate specialist for their condition without the inconvenience of traveling to different locations;
  • Where necessary, offering a second opinion without the patient needing to travel and go through the booking process elsewhere;
  • Providing uninsured patients with up front clarity on the expected fees for their treatment, followed by a single invoice;
  • Using only the gold standard in techniques and medical technology, across the board;
  • Offering treatment for the complications of certain skin conditions, for example, effectively treating the scars from acne.

Additionally, I felt the patient experience could be improved by making the booking process simpler and more accessible, and that patients could benefit greatly by having ongoing access to their records.

I strongly believe that the experience of visiting the dermatologist is enhanced by making services more convenient – for example, by providing options to purchase products at the time of the consultation; or to have medications delivered directly to patients’ doors, rather than having to seek out products, or follow on to obtain prescriptions from a chemist.

Over the next 3 years, I sought a location to provide a comfortable space for patients to feel relaxed and at home, while also offering good public transport links and excellent parking provision, making it accessible to everyone in and around the Reading area. I then worked to gather the very best dermatologists and specialised dermatology nurses from around the region, people who I trust to give the same quality of service that I provide, with the aim of bringing an elite team together under a single roof. In 2020, my vision finally came to fruition, and Derma Reading was established.

Offering the very best in clinical and cosmetic procedures all led by consultant dermatologists, Derma Reading offers the foremost service for the treatment of skin.

Dr Rima Clayton

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